Greece Mix - 10 Pack x 32 gr.

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- OFFER BOX composed of 10 single-dose packs of 32 gr of sprout seeds
- Box of 10 packs on OFFER for 8.00
- Each single package develops 3/4 portions of delicious ready-made sprouts in about 2/3.

The PERFECT SYNERGY! Excellent sprouts to make many delicious salads that will make you entice with their wonderful flavor.

Each single-serving blend of selected and certified seeds from the highest quality sprout of Fenugreek, Green Adzuki Bean and Brown Mountain Lentil.

Pre-dosed and balanced mixture that combines an intense nutritional contribution with a pleasantly fresh and fragrant taste, excellent for every day.

In this mixture the seeds of beans and lentils provide a rich supply of amino acids in synergy with the sprouts of Fenugreek which have recognized disinfectant, purifying and draining characteristics for the liver, kidneys and digestive system in general, all with flavor and taste. delicate and very pleasant on the palate.

For More information and Tips for a correct use of the seed pack SEE BELOW the "DESCRIPTION and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" sections

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Category: Semi da Germoglio Manufacturer: Cerreto Bio


GREECE MIX: Box OFFER consisting of 10 single-dose packs of 32 gr
- Fenugreek:
The botanical name of fenugreek is Trigonella foenum-graecum L. and the species belongs to the Fabaceae or legume family. The numerous benefits of fenugreek are given by the fibers and galactomannans contained in the seeds, which allow to regulate the intestinal absorption of lipids, cholesterol and glucose, making fenugreek a useful remedy in case of diabetes, high cholesterol and excess of triglycerides. Moreover, thanks to the content of vitamin D and calcium, fenugreek can be beneficial in case of fractures and osteoporosis, favoring bone mineralization.
- Adzuki green bean:
Very rich in enzymes and essential amino acids, many vitamins such as B9, B1 and B5 and many trace elements, rich in particular in phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium
- Mountain Brown Lentil:
Inexhaustible source of the best vegetable proteins with a vast spectrum of essential amino acids and a high content of iron, a powerful antioxidant with a strong remineralizing, cholesterol-lowering, antiarteriosclerotic action. they also contain flavonoids and niacin and thanks to the thiamine content, they help concentration and memory ..

Taken from - ??Cit. by Mira Tonioni

Additional information:

Suggestions for the correct use of the package of seeds CERRETO / GERMOGLIOS & Igrave
- Open and pour the entire contents of the package to soak for 8/10 hours, then arrange them evenly in a single GermoglioS & igrave sprouting tray and water 2/3 times a day with drinking water, the sprouts are ready in 2/3 days .
- The sprouts obtained can be taken from time to time directly from the sprouting tray and washed and dressed like a common salad or stored in the fridge for up to 3 days
- The recommended quantity can also be used on other sprouts provided they are of suitable size .