What the GermoglioSì looks like

We are proud to present you GermoglioSì.

"GermoglioSì" is an Innovative Professional Multifunctional Sprouting Machine with 5 trays made of 100% recyclable plastic and patented and "MOCA" certified. Its structure, design and creation is part of a project carried out in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the University of Perugia and is the result of over 10 years of experience in the field of in-door sprouting.

Many details that make a difference:

It was created not only to optimise and improve all the parameters required for optimal sprouting, but also and above all to meet the needs of the large number of people who are increasingly approaching the consumption of this food, which is so important for our health, for the first time, by considerably simplifying all the various steps required to obtain excellent sprouts from simple seeds, a practice that is still limited to a few enthusiasts.

The "GermoglioSì manual" sprouter is composed of 4 "Multifunctional sprouting trays" and a tray for collecting the residual water, and unlike all other manual sprouters on the market today that in addition to a tray for collecting water are composed of only 2 or maximum 3 trays for sprouting without any special features in their technical conformation of the sprouting surface, Not to be overlooked is the fact that the GermoglioSì sprouter also comes with a handy and practical brush useful for collecting sprouts and for more efficient cleaning in the middle of the drainage slots, as well as a simplified manual to guide the first steps in its use.

You can also use it to produce sprouts comfortably at home from simple lentils, chickpeas, peas or (brown) rice, soya beans, pumpkin seeds or other suitable foodstuffs (preferably organic)

GermoglioSì has a square shape throughout its structure, and compared to almost all other round trays it offers, in a very small space (21cm x 21cm), 400 square cm per tray for a total useful area of 1600 square cm with a much more interesting production capacity even for the most demanding consumers.
Two rounded eyelets on each side of each tray (total 8 per tray) ensure a well-distributed optimal ventilation from each quarter of the tray to the entire surface during the entire sprouting process stacked one on top of the other as well as a comfortable and firm grip both right and left-handed for easy handling from all sides.
The interlocking of the trays when stacking is extremely convenient and intuitive, even if the user is not so precise when stacking them. The upper and lower sprouting surface of the multi-function tray is patented and is the result of months of analysis and experimentation on sprouting in all its aspects. It has found an excellent solution in a very special upper profile in the form of an inverted "V" with very steeply profiled segments and interrupted by a higher and finer upper ridge that considerably simplifies the homogeneous distribution of even very different sized seeds even simultaneously over the entire surface of the tray.
The drainage slits are also very close together (we are talking about just 7/10 of a mm) and retain in suspension a much more generous quantity of water after each watering, considerably increasing the time in contact with the water and guaranteeing longer hydration times, so that finally the soaking time can be considerably reduced before putting them to germinate, as is necessary with all other sprouters currently on the market, with considerable time savings, and also later, when watering the seeds, due to a much slower drainage, there is a very short flooding that removes them slightly from the surface, repositioning them in a random way, limiting in an important way the quantity of roots that would be naturally stuck on the same slots, greatly simplifying the collection, a drawback unfortunately present with all the other sprouters. Finally, any few roots inevitably stuck on the slots will still be extracted with extreme ease and without breakage thanks to the rounded lower profile. The horizontal lateral end of the shelf of the 'Multifunctional Sprouting Tray' (approx. 7 mm) is slanted towards the centre to avoid any stagnation at the corners and thus promote drainage. The "Multifunctional Sprouting Tray" has no sharp corners at all, which makes it much easier and more effective to clean.

The Trays:

Each "Multipurpose Sprouting Tray" can be used:
  • to sprout: Soak an average of 20-25 grams of seeds in a glass full of water for 8-12 hours before sprouting.
  • to collect the sprouts, in fact putting an empty one upside down on top of the one from which you want to collect the ready sprouts and keeping them coupled together by their side flaps, then turning them upside down suddenly and also helping with the brush on the shelf now upside down, we will find the sprouts conveniently collected ready to wash on the other shelf
  • to wash the sprouts already collected
  • and finally as a cover over the last stacked tray to limit the light

  • The Structure:

    The entire structure of the GermoglioSì sprouter is made of 100% recyclable plastic and its packaging is FSC certified. Moreover, GermoglioSì is the first manual sprouting machine that can be used also in the automatic version, allowing the user to approach this practice at first in a simple way and, above all, much less economically demanding with the manual one, to then be able to eventually choose to switch to the automatic model afterwards without having to repurchase the trays, since they can be placed inside the automatic irrigation system "GermoglioSì matic pro", which will be released soon.

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