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Fabio Fumi

Fabio Fumi

For over 12 years I have been working in the health & wellness sector with a passion for producing and consuming sprouts.

A cordial greeting to everyone who has come to our website. My name is Fabio Fumi, I am 55 years old, I live in Perugia and I am the director of this company. For over 12 years I have been working in the health and wellness sector with a passion for producing and consuming sprouts.

Then in 2018 the big leap and...
...from a great passion a real Mission was born:

Igea pro Srl is an innovative start-up company founded very recently with the registered trademark "GermoglioSì" with the aim of: conceive and design as well as realise and produce technological apparatuses for nutrition with innovative solutions for the production and "in-door" cultivation of food with particular orientation towards both automatic and manual sprouting for human consumption, operating in the sector of research and development of new products, favouring research oriented towards innovation of both product and quality, with the aim of combining the development of knowledge with technological transfer towards economic reality and self-production. The project, also supported by important collaborations including the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia, is oriented towards the design of simple and innovative solutions for the In-door self-production of sprouts with manual and automatic solutions with the aim of facilitating and expanding as much as possible this wonderful habit.

Igea pro Srl. Igea pro Srl already has 3 patents filed in the field of manual and automatic in-door sprouting. "GermoglioSì" is its first product that has been on the market for a few weeks and has many more sales arguments than all other similar products on the market today; in addition to the basic tray needed to collect residual water, it has 4 other multifunctional trays for sprouting with a patented sprouting surface profile, top and bottom, designed to significantly promote the development of sprouts by retaining much more water and optimising the contact surface, significantly reducing soaking time to a few hours, and then proceeding directly to germination on the tray, The amount of developing roots that would be able to get into the tray is reduced by means of very small drainage slots and the specially designed lower profile allows easy removal. "GermoglioSì" is a 100% Italian product, made of 100% recyclable MOCA-certified plastic and its packaging comes complete with an exhaustive manual for the first steps to be taken and a special brush for the collection and thorough cleaning of the whole apparatus, the packaging is also in line with FSC certification.
GermoglioSì is also the only manual sprouting device on the market that can also be used as part of a further device with an automatic irrigation system to be developed soon. The aim is to enter the home sprouting market with highly efficient solutions that are at the same time simple and pleasant to use. Igea pro S.r.l. is currently collaborating with the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia, as well as with the Department of Agriculture of the University of Perugia, on some research into sprouting, and we will keep you constantly updated on developments and the latest news.

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