Starter Mix - 5 Pack x 32 gr.

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- OFFER BOX consisting of 5 single-serving 32g packs of seeds from Sprout
- For self-production of 3/4 portions of sprouts ready in 3/5 days.
Price per pack € 1.70 - box of 5 packs € 8.00 € 8.50

Excellent sprouts for making many tasty salads that will make you gorge yourself with their wonderful flavour.
Single-serving mix of certified organic seeds from China Rose Radish, Daikon Radish, Adzuki Green Bean and Mountain Brown Lentil sprouts. Prepared, pre-dosed, organoleptically balanced blend with an optimal balance of flavours and at the same time very rich in vitamins, enzyme complexes, minerals and proteins/amino acids, containing in a single serving all the nutritional properties of 4 different types of seeds.

For More information and tips on how to use the seed packet correctly SEE BELOW under "DESCRIPTION and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION".

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Category: Semi da Germoglio Manufacturer: Cerreto Bio


STARTER MIX: Box OFFER consisting of 5 single-serving 32g packs
China Rose caravan: rich in vitamin C, B vitamins (especially B6 or pyridoxine) with potassium, iron, copper, magnesium and calcium
Dikon radish: Detoxifying and fat-burning rich in vitamins C and B and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, copper and sulphur
Adzuki Green Bean: Rich in enzymes and essential amino acids, many vitamins such as B9, B1 and B5 and many trace elements, especially phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium
Mountain Brown Lentil: an inexhaustible source of the best plant proteins with a wide range of essential amino acids and a high iron content, a powerful antioxidant with a strong remineralising, cholesterol-lowering and anti-arteriosclerotic action. They also contain flavonoids and niacin and, thanks to their thiamine content, help concentration and memory.

Excerpted from - Quoted by Mira Tonioni

Additional information:

Suggestions for correct use of the CERRETO/GERMOGLIOSÌ seed packet
- Open and pour the entire contents of the packet to soak for 8/10 hours, then place them evenly in a single GermoglioSì sprouting tray and water 2/3 times a day with drinking water, the sprouts are ready in 3/5 days.
- The sprouts can either be taken directly from the sprouting tray and washed and dressed like a normal salad or stored in the fridge for up to 3 days
- The recommended quantity can also be used on other sprouting trays of a suitable size.