Which seeds to consume

The choice of seeds is subjective, but it is generally preferable to opt for seeds from certified 'organic sprouting' agriculture and in any case strictly for food use.
  • Hulled seeds are not suitable.
  • Some, for example, are defined as "mucilaginous" (such as, for example, cress, mustard, flax, basil, rocket, chia, psyllium, etc.) and by their very nature, upon first contact with water, surround themselves with gelatin, creating a reserve of moisture useful for promoting sprouting, Unfortunately, that same jelly almost always occludes the possibility of a drainage necessary for the exchange of water in almost all circumstances of sprouting, GermoglioSì with the special surface of segments with a very steep profile finally allows you to germinate even mucilaginous seeds provided that they are max 10 grams per tray distributed over its entire

    N.B.: The indications regarding seeds are for indicative purposes only, therefore GermoglioSì invites everyone to take the necessary precautions to safely proceed with the correct germination of any type of seed.

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