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Besides being good for you... the sprout is GOOD!

Here are a few tips for making the most of them

As far as eating sprouts at the table is concerned, it is generally preferable to eat them raw in order to keep all their nutrients intact. However, the fields of application are endless and dictated above all by the imagination and taste of each individual.
Generally speaking, they lend themselves to all kinds of salads: on their own or together with other types of salad, they go well with a little rocket, fresh spring onion, finely chopped tropea, but also with pine nuts, walnuts, corn, excellent with a sprinkling of turmeric and a dash of pepper, dressed with classic lemon or vinegar (I prefer apple vinegar).
Some experiences reported to us by who has already bought it:
  • some chefs use them to make tasty salads that are great as a summer main course with veal shreds, endive, pieces of toast, a few chopped salad leaves and plenty of sprout mix.
  • at the restaurant as well as at home you can create a sprout mix with orange slice garnish.
  • wonderful steamed romaine cabbage with radish sprouts simply with a little pepper oil and little, or no, salt. (photo cabbage with radish)
  • a young client discovered that the sprout mix is amazing on brown bread with avocado (see photo avocado and sprout mix)
  • We could go on and on, the nutritional properties of sprouts are all important and are present in different quantities in practically all types of edible sprouts, so in essence the difference in choosing which variety to eat is simply driven by personal taste.
    Taste as many as you can and HAVE FUN, because on the one hand eating sprouts gives you a great supply of nutrients that are essential for your health as well as being very tasty. On the other hand, growing sprouts at home is fun, easy, enjoyable, stress-free, creative, educational for children and safe (for those who have them) and helps everyone sprout positive thoughts.

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