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Cheap and easy to produce, sprouts are one of the most concentrated yet truly natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids known. They are also BIOGENIC (capable of creating new life) - i.e. alive - and capable of transferring living energy
into our bodies. When I first became aware of the world of sprouts towards the end of 2008, I simply Googled with a bit of curiosity and searched for example for "nutritional properties of sprouts". I was fascinated by what and how many nutrients are contained in just a few grams of these wonderful foods and could not understand how it was possible that no one had ever let me know about this huge underwater world before.
Impressive amounts of complete vitamin complexes of A, B, C and D in amounts up to 1400 times higher than in the same adult plant, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, Thiamine B1, Riboflavin B2, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and many other vitamins and minerals in small amounts (USDA data, 2010) as published in the sprout cultivation and consumption manual entitled "The Sprout Garden" written by dotsa Grazia Cacciola. ssa Grazia Cacciola, a well-known expert in biodynamic cultivation, with whom I often deal, total absence of saturated fats, balanced intake of fibre, total bioavailability, highly digestible and have a very low calorie content (100 grams of sprouts contain an average of only 8 calories), They have a strong alkalising effect and help our bodies to control acidity, and I would like to point out that many authors are now publishing more and more texts on the importance of their presence on our tables because of their increasingly recognised nutritional values.

"OUR IMMUNITARY SYSTEM IS THE MOST POWERFUL PHARMA WE HAVE", says Iader Fabbri, a dietician, nutritionist and scientific expert, on Youtube in his video "Coronavirus and the immune system", which has been viewed by tens of thousands of people, and there are now even more videos on this subject all over the web by many qualified professionals at the moment, as well as evidence that eating sprouts strengthens our immune system. Sprouts also contain the total enzyme complex that is fundamental to the metabolic exchanges that take place in our bodies, Enzymes, together with water, are the substances that distinguish sprouts from raw, unsprouted seeds, and it is the activity of the enzymes that convert starches into sugars, proteins into amino acids and fats into fatty acids within the sprout.
As Dr Edward Howell, a pioneering enzymologist and author of Enzyme Nutrition, argues, youthfulness depends on the amount and energy of enzymes in the body and concludes The faster we deplete our stores of endogenous enzymes (enzymes within our bodies), the faster we age, and here he also takes the opportunity to suggest, as he has done for many years now, that we eat as many raw foods as possible since cooked foods are deprived or almost deprived of enzymes by cooking.
Finally, paying attention to nutrition is not only essential for our optimum physical condition and unquestionably better quality of life, but also a constant and efficient preventive action for our health. Clearly it is not insurance against disease, but the fact is that the better nourished an organism is, the better it is able to defend itself against free radicals and external oxidising agents. In 2008, when I entered the 'Health & Wellness' sector in another field, and interested in what I had just said, as soon as I got to know this food, at the age of 43, after a very short time, I was literally surprised by the effects that a gradually correct and pleasantly integrated diet has on the body, reawakening in me a physical fitness and mental efficiency of twenty years and I have verified for myself that sprouts provide the most complete and total food supplement existing, natural organic and bioavailable, they are by far the richest and most complete food of nutrients existing in nature!
Ann Wigmore, founder of the "Hippocrates Health Institute", one of the most famous alternative medicine centres in the world, was cured of numerous illnesses in her Boston nursing home thanks to the exclusive consumption of fresh sprouts and green juices made from cereal herbs. The institute teaches people how to preserve their own enzyme capital in order to prevent numerous civilisation diseases. Its inspiration has given rise to a number of famous institutes that work tirelessly to publicise this cutting-edge diet based on cellular nutrition and which emphasises the extreme effectiveness of Live Food
. It must also be said that sprouts have a real health-giving effect, but absolutely without any curative aim, and for this reason they should be understood exclusively as foods (or superfoods) and not as curatives or medicines, so they should be considered as health promoters and aimed at people who are well enough to maintain their optimal state of health. Furthermore, sprouts should not be considered as meal replacements but included in one's diet, which should remain varied and diversified. Self-producing and regularly consuming sprouts is fun and enjoyable, it can be done comfortably at home without making more effort than you normally do to regularly consume a common salad, only that you do not have to go out to buy sprouts every day because you have them ready in the kitchen (recommended environment), especially since making sprouts at home is also very cheap, in fact with about 3 euros you can find in a simple supermarket 1 / 2 kilo of organic lentils with which you can produce more than 2 kilos of sprouts enough for several days, In this regard, the brand GermoglioSì has created a balanced mixture of sprouts that we invite you to try here


Sprouts can be eaten by anyone, from singles to large families, young people, adults and the elderly, employees, the unemployed, sportsmen and women, the sedentary, vegans, vegetarians, raw cooks, coeliacs (unless the label says "may contain traces of gluten"), diabetics, etc., without any particular contraindications and in complete safety, while respecting a few simple rules. without any particular contraindications and in total safety, obviously respecting a few simple and basic rules, they are however aimed at anyone with a minimum of awareness and interest in the importance of maintaining one's optimum state of health, but it remains firm that those who have health problems will still be able to take a great advantage from their consumption, leaving unquestionably unchanged the treatment of their specific case that the doctors have indicated.

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