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    We are proud to present
    Our patented system facilitates sprouting and harvesting
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    Il Germogliatore per casa e ristorazione
    Sprouts give
    Energy, Vitality and Well-being
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    Il germogliatore innovativo e di semplice utilizzo
    The patented sprouter for a
    Rapid sprouting
    Thanks to prolonged water suspension

GermoglioSì doubles!

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards a healthier way of eating,
"GermoglioSì" is the innovative professional 5-tray sprouting machine. made of 100% recyclable plastic, patented and MOCA certified. Its structure, design and creation is part of a project carried out in collaboration with the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia. Does not require soil or other additives, works exclusively with water. Find out more:

Why consume sprouts

Cheap and easy to produce, sprouts are one of the most concentrated yet truly natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids known to man...


Features of "GermoglioSì"

"GermoglioSì" is an Innovative Professional Multifunctional Sprouting Machine with 5 trays made of 100% recyclable plastic and MOCA certified. Its sprouting surfaces are patented...


About us

Igea Pro is an innovative start-up company founded very recently with the registered trademark 'GermoglioSì' with the aim of conceiving and designing as well as realising and producing technological apparatuses for the...


Reflections and studies

The environment in which we live is no longer the same and the quality of life has changed substantially over the last few decades, as has our diet...


"GermoglioSì' is our first product, recently launched on the market. It has many more sales arguments than other similar products on the market today; in addition to the basic tray necessary for collecting residual water, it has 4 multifunctional sprouting trays with a patented sprouting surface, upper and lower, designed to promote sprout development thanks to its special feature: much more water is retained, optimising the contact surface. Thanks to this innovation it is no longer necessary to carry out the classic soaking of the seeds first.
Proceeding directly to sprouting on the tray,
By germinating directly on the tray through very small drainage slots, the amount of roots that will be inserted during the development phase will be considerably reduced and the specially designed lower profile allows easy removal.

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29 Jan 2020

Now "GermoglioSì" seeds are finally on sale in our online shop! The result of careful selection, calibrated also in practical ready-made mixtures that are ideal for everyone and packaged in collaboration with Italy's leading organic company: Cerreto Bio.

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Shipping throughout Europe!

Grow sprouts DIRECTLY FROM HOME: Discover convenience and safety of home sprouting with highly efficient yet simple and user-friendly solutions....

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Which seeds to consume?

Don't rely on chance
There are many seeds on the market and they all have very important nutritional characteristics, but contrary to market trends, we prefer to restrict their use to just a few which, once sprouted, can be eaten raw.

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