Vitamin C salad

A simple salad with raw sprouts

Time:5 minutes
Raw sprouts, 1 orange, lettuce or salad of your choice.


An idea for a tasty side dish or even a main course. It is quick and easy to make, very inexpensive (just €0.25/0.40) and yet very rich in nutrition and nutrients. This way, you can add a vitamin C boost to your day in addition to the properties of sprouts. Ideal for boosting your immune system, but really tasty!



  • Harvest the sprouts as usual
  • .
  • Wash them, if necessary, and drain them
  • .
  • In the meantime, wash the salad and cut it into strips
  • .
  • Peel the orange, cut it with a ceramic knife into 4 parts, without following the normal lines of the segments
  • .
  • Cut the orange into triangles about half a centimetre thick;


All that's left to do is to serve: place the salad on the serving plate, arrange the orange triangles all around and lay the sprouts on top.

By: S.G.


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